Get It Done - 2017 Goals Part 2


Life got busy in a really good way, and I never got around to posting the second part of my 2017 goals. I actually jumped in headfirst on accomplishing my goals the past week and it didn't give me a lot of time to write this blog post, but I have a  few minutes to spare before I grabbed the little Flores humans from Mom's Day Out, so here goes!

GOAL FOUR: Become more financially responsible

WHY: Because I desire to be a better stewards of the money God has given me so, I can better serve His kingdom. Also, I know that when I am financially stressed, I am not the best version of myself. I want to make sure my children are able to live a life that is a direct reflection of the good financial decisions I am making now. Even though I love using to keep me on budget, I have realized that nothing works better for me than the envelope system. I first heard it from Dave Ramsey, and as I'm recommitting to Nancy Ray's #ContentmentChallenge I plan to get my envelopes back in my wallet. 

GOAL FIVE: Relaunch Code Blue Mentoring, Inc. 

WHY: This is a program that my eldest sister and I started in 2007. It was birthed after a friendship between me and one of her former students blossomed into quite the sisterhood. She became really attached to me, and I was honored she wanted to be around me so much. I was a sophomore in college, and as the year progressed, I got extremely busy and eventually had to cut back on how much time we spent together. A few months into her sophomore year of high school, she found out she was pregnant. I was the first person she called. She was 15 and about to have twins. (...whew.) Yes, I know it wasn't my fault, but I have always felt like if I'd been able to spend more time with her, then maybe it wouldn't have happened. Well, we now run a program to help mentor as many young girls as we can in hopes of keeping them focused on their education, gifts and talents while they are in middle and high school. The program has fallen off the past few years for several reasons, but all of those are easy to fix and I'm ready to get back to my girls!

GOAL SIX: Fall back crazy in love with Jesus. 

WHY: Well, this should be pretty obvious. It's no secret that I love God. But there was a time in my life when I absolutely craved spending time with Him. I would grab my Bible and a colorful pen, and spend hours at a coffeeshop reading through some of my favorite stories. Honestly, I think my divorce hit the intimate part of my relationship with God really hard. I'd gotten so used to spending most of my "quiet time" in prayer for my marriage that all of my time sounded like wails of desperation from the Book of Psalms. The loving embrace I used to feel when I read God's Word was replaced with just trying to find a moment of peace from the turmoil going on in my heart. I don't want to be in that place any longer. I long to long for Him. ...And I will. 

GOAL SEVEN: Respect my temple. 

WHY: Take care of your body. I know these goals are supposed to be about me, but for real...take care of your bodies, y'all. As a Christian, I fully believe that my body is a temple for God's Spirit; therefore, I shouldn't treat it like trash. I already drink my Greens (click the SHOP link above to order yours with my 40% discount!), and take the best plant-based supplements I've ever tried, but I have also decided to make it a point to exercise more as well. I'm a Holy Yoga instructor, but I want to exercise outside of the classes I teach. I asked a friend to hold me accountable in training for my first half-marathon, so that has given me an actual reason to be at the gym as soon as the nursery opens. LOL. 


So, and new goals you guys want to share? I'd love to hear what's on your list, and please let me know if I can be praying for you. 



Ashley Danielle   

Get it Done - 2017 Goals: Part 1



I want to know. 

Is it because you're really curious about what I'm going to be up to for the next few months? Have you been following my blog for a few years, and now you're simply used to reading this every January so you want to see what's new?

If those are your reasons, please log out of this post now. 

My goals shouldn't really matter to you. Whether or not I finally finished writing my book or lose a few pounds or learn how to fold and put away laundry within the same week it was actually washed and dried is no concern of yours in the grand scheme of life. However, if reading these words will help you find footing in your own journey, then please continue. If you have been trying to figure out how to break down the seemingly hundred of ideas swirling around in your mind to just a few, then please continue. If you are feeling like an aimless wanderer, and need helping figuring out what matters most, please continue. 

Last week, I took some time and really dug into my 2017 PowerSheets. I made sure that my goals were a reflections of things that really matter to me. The deeper the connection each goal has to my heart, the more likely I will want to complete it. They are all centered around an individual "why". One of my mentors recently me, "Your why should make you cry." 

So, let's call me a crybaby all year. Lol!

Okay, 2017...let's go!

GOAL ONE: Spend more quality time with my children. 

WHY: Because before I know it, they will be adults and I wants to savor these moments. Being with my children is one of the main reasons I chose to fight to work from home full time. They attended a wonderful daycare, but it never sat well with me that they were there for almost ten hours a day. If they became sick, I would have attempt to take off work to be with them (which wasn't always possible). If I couldn't stay home with them when they didn't feel well I would feel horrible, and if I was able to wiggle some time away from the office, I felt guilty about making someone else have to finish my work for me. Now that I'm home, I want to be intentional about making the most out of our time. I already turned out cable off so we don't just watch Disney all day, and have connected with some other WAHMs to find out about little meet-ups throughout the month we can go to. I want this to be a year where we create wonderful memories

GOAL TWO: Deepen my relationship with my sisters. 

WHY: Because I love them. For real, I really really really love my sisters. We are one of those weird families that actually enjoys spending time together. My sisters and I don't always agree, but we don't fight. We were raised in a house where we were allowed to argue with one another so that's just not how we interact. We're all adults now (I'm the baby), and we all have our own lives, and I want to make sure we not only stay in touch, but grow even closer. When our mother passed away in 2010, I learned very quickly that she'd been the glue that held so much of our family together. So many of us drifted away from each other when she became sick in 2009, and after her death it just never really got back the way it was before. I miss those days. This is the year we work to get back to who we used to be as a family. 

GOAL THREE: Grow my home-based businesses.

WHY: Because my family, and so many other families, depend on it. I run two businesses and a non-profit from home. Though it allows me to slowly wake up to toddler snuggles instead of rushing out of the door every morning. I realized in 2015 that even though I had hold two degrees, I was in a profession that was causing me to settle. I was settling for an income that was not only below my skill-set and academic level, but was also below what my time was worth. Just keeping it real. So, I did something about it. I tapped into my talents and the things that really set my heart on fire, and figure how to make those things generate my income. I plan to do that on an even larger scale this year. 

Well, I think this is a lot to digest for one day. I'm going to post my last three goals tomorrow. Hope you come back to back them out! Also, be sure to check out Lara Casey's Goal Setting Series. It has helped me a lot!

Until then, what are some of your goals? Leave them in the comments below. I'd love to encourage you in any way I can. 


Ashley Danielle



I had firm plans to apply a generous amount of eye cream last night to prayerfully camouflage a good forty minutes of crying, put on a little mascara, work some magic with the best filters $2.99 can buy, take a bomb selfie and stroll into today as if yesterday never happened. 

But it did. 

It's Tuesday, which means yesterday was Monday and every emotion I felt was real and is now forever etched in the tapestry of history. 

I'm a lifestyle blogger. I have chosen to make a living sharing my life with my readers, and that means that I don't get to skip over the not so beautiful pieces. Yes, I can mold and sculpt how the intimate details of my heart are delivered, but I wouldn't be me if I just glazed over the moments that test me to the core. 

I got some really tough news yesterday. 

Now, exactly what the news was isn't important for the meat of this post. Nor is going on and on about the circumstances that led to it. Nonetheless, while wrapping up a meeting with one of my business partners in a private Facebook group the truth behind a lie I was unknowingly living hit me in the chest through a casual post from a friend. 

For about eight seconds, I felt like I couldn't breathe. My throat sank into my stomach, and I immediately wanted to vomit. was that serious.

I didn't know if I should cry, or scream, or race the to bathroom to find comfort with my head draped across the toilet bowl. 

I did neither.

Because before any other area in my life, I am a mother first. My children were with me and if you're a mom then you know we don't get the luxury of having childish breakdowns when things don't go our way. We have to toughen up, brush it off and keep going with our day. I sometimes feel like God gave me children just to stop me from doing 99% of the dumb ideas that come into my mind when I'm having a bad day. Diapers still needed to be changed. Snacks needed to made. My daughter was one squeal away from a complete meltdown if I didn't plug the iPad back up so she could finish watching Octonauts, and my son was napping so shrieking and sinking into a ball on the floor would have most likely woken him up; just sayin'. 

All of this may sound a bit dramatic, but I'm a poet; we're dramatic. 

I don't think we give ourselves enough permission to be dramatic when we are in pain. 

I spent the rest of the day trying to complete my regular "adulting", and not show any signs of what was going on in my heart. I taught yoga, I answered some E-mails, I spoke with some customers and even had a chat with a new SMM client. I was trying to just grab a piece of normalcy in the chaos. 

Until I couldn't try anymore. 

My kids spent the evening with my ex-husband, and I went home (with a brand new bottle of wine) to prepare myself for whatever I was about to unleash once I was finally alone. 

Nothing happened. 

I ate dinner. Watched a webinar. Did a little writing. But nothing happened. Now that I look back, I think when I first got home I was actually too afraid to really let myself become engulfed by the emotions I felt because I wasn't sure if I'd be able to turn the tears off. 

Then, it happened. One tear turned into a thousand, which turned into a scream, which turned into me on my knees before God next to my bed trying to recall the events that had led me to that point. 

"How in the Hell did I get here?!"

The wine bottle still remains unopened as I type these words. I questioned so many choices I'd made, and even questioned a few things that us good ol' Christian women should never question. 

...y'all know what I'm talking about.

And even though, in that moment, I felt completely broken and lost and confused and abandoned and weak and humiliated, I needed that moment. 

I needed to allow myself to feel every ounce of that pain. 

I needed to give myself permission to hurt. 

Walking through life pretending as if we don't experience things that pierce us to the core helps no one. Social media isn't the only place we present a highlight reel of our lives. We do it everyday at work, and at family gatherings, and when we're in the grocery store. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. We can't simply live everyday of our lives in sackcloths and covered in ashes. 

But there is a heavenly release that occurs when we properly flush out our feelings of despair. Just look at the Book of Psalms. We are able to see the pure anguish of King David, but also see how he knew exactly Who to take that anguish to. 

Your pain is real. Go there. Just don't stay there. 

Get up. Reapply your eyeliner. Find some good lighting in your bedroom. Genuinely smile from the comfort we receive in knowing that God will never leave us where our troubles may take us, and take that selfie. 

Smile, girl. 


Ashley Danielle